Chart FX for SharePoint is an exciting new family of data web parts for SharePoint that allows users to integrate advanced data visualization and analysis functionality within their SharePoint Sites. These parts are easily customizable and can be configured in minutes to help you and your SharePoint clients understand critical business data.

Bring data back to life

Chart FX for SharePoint gives you the tools you need to move your data from the backend and bring it to life by allowing you to create usable information dashboards using SharePoint.

Chart FX for SharePoint enhances your SharePoint portals by providing a number of web parts that facilitate data visualization and analysis and that are easily connected to different types of data, such as SharePoint lists, Business Data Catalogs and even SQL databases.

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Bring data together

You have access to a powerful and versatile way to deliver the right information, in the right format and at the right time to all collaborators in your organization by assembling live, interactive BI and data analysis SharePoint portals to display vital role-based information from disparate sources. With building blocks such as charts, improved AJAX lists, gauges and maps, Chart FX for Sharepoint delivers the ideal combination of data visualization and analysis tools.

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Bring data to the next level

Whether you're creating custom solutions or adding Web Parts. Chart FX for SharePoint provides you with powerful data visualization technology that extends the power of the SharePoint platform and allows you to build successful portals and corporate intranets with SharePoint. Chart FX compatibility with SharePoint 2013 and backward compatibility for SharePoint 2010 and 2007 means you can leverage from your existent investment to add the latest on Business Intelligence technology.

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